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You Gave Me Flowers When We Met, 18"x 24"

You Gave Me Flowers When We Met, 18"x 24"

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Wonderful delicate imaginary floral piece on heavy acrylic paper. Imaginary Hydrangeas along with several other botanicals. 

Don't ever let your love fade and even if you don't get flowers all the time anymore you can show the same emotions in many ways. Never take life for granted. This is a delicate imaginary grouping of soft petals falling across the paper. Light blue and violet backdrop and deep rich blues and greens.


    An 18"x 24" acrylic abstract botanical paper piece. Delicated created from my imagination with a soft dream like palette. You can almost smell the flowers as you pass them in the hall. 


    FREE SHIPPING for Canada and depending on size and if shipping internationally through my website. All art works are professionally packaged and shipped with tracking number. Extra care given with paper pieces and canvas rolled and shipped in double tube system. 

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