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Wind Kissed Shore, Acrylic on Canvas, 40"x 40"
  • Wind Kissed Shore, Acrylic on Canvas, 40"x 40"

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    "Wind Kissed Shore"

    Gesturally imagined and Joan Mitchell inspired spontaneous original with black, turquoise and white tints. Reminiscent of the lake near the artist's home. 

    Changing of seasons and Winter's last ice castles melting along the shore. 
    Deep rich blues, black and burnt sienna. Earth tones and shoreline. Textured slightly. 

    Can you feel the wind?

    Earthy, warm, spontaneous, expressive, energetic, passionate, imagined, emotional creation, unique, one of a kind, genuine, gestural, happy, joyful, luminous, a treasure, superb, breathtaking, elegant, stunning, unforgettable, alluring, magical, luscious, vivid, chic, explosive, stunning, pure joy, luxe, elegant, delightfully decadent, exquisite, luminous, dazzling, irresistible, delightful, enchanting, charming, cosy, lovable, winsome, captivating, warm as a favourite cashmere sweater

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