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Whispers, Acrylic on Canvas, 80"x 27"
  • Whispers, Acrylic on Canvas, 80"x 27"

    Excluding Sales Tax

    As if the wind twists and turns there are sounds of nature heard in a calming natural setting. Expect the unexpected with the gestural swirls of warm neutrals in this large original. The artist has not signed on the front of the canvas to allow any orientation of the original in a space.

    If the collector desires a signature and has decided on the way to hang this piece that can be done.
    Otherwise, it is signed, dated and named on the back.
    Non-objective and spontaneous in every way much like the winds of the lake near her home she has captured the movement of the wind. 
    Darlene has a unique understanding of composition and freedom with hues that she draws from nature. 

    Earthy, warm, spontaneous, expressive, energetic, passionate, imagined, emotional creation, unique, one of a kind, genuine, gestural, happy, joyful, luminous, a treasure, superb, breathtaking, elegant, stunning, unforgettable, alluring, magical, luscious, vivid, chic, explosive, stunning, pure joy

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