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Turntable Spinnin', 81"x30"
  • Turntable Spinnin', 81"x30"

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    Part of "Mint Series" imagined around that gorgeous Mint Hue. The colour that can be found in beach glass. When I first moved here I found so many pieces that were see-through and I always have loved that colour. I have two 81"x 30"x 2" in the series so far. "Mint Mojitos" being the first. I hope you enjoy the series as it will continue with a few more and find your beach glass in the Summer or whenever you are able to see the glitter along the shore. As with the first in the series this painting can also be hung horizontally or vertically with the placement of my signature to allow for that. And now there are three in the series and the third "Dancing Past MIdnight" 

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      The greatest of care and professional packaging in a two tube system is used to ensure the safe delivery of my originals. Tracking information and insurance are provided. 

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