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The Last Of Fall, Acrylic, 61"x 44"
  • The Last Of Fall, Acrylic, 61"x 44"

    Excluding Sales Tax

    "The Last Of Fall" 

    Gestural and soft brushstrokes where Darlene captures the ideas of the very last of the Fall leaves as they rest for the season and prepare for the Winter. Soft greens, golds and blush magentas in this swirl of acrylics. 
    A softer pale palette where she shows how she can create or imagine in bold vibrant hues or these soft and delicate ones. 
    Colours are important to her in all of her works and the delicateness of this original is no exception. 
    A soft and delicate and beautiful original addition to any space. 
    Whether the brushstrokes are neutrals or vivid hues, all are created with total abandon.

    • Make Us An Offer

      There is always a possibility with all of my originals to make an offer. This is with regard to my online galleries or my own personal website. 

      Of course if an original that you love has already sold commissions are always considered. 

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