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The Deepest Of Blue, 60"x81"
  • The Deepest Of Blue, 60"x81"

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    "The Deepest Of Blue" Gestural, bold, colourful, uninhibited strokes by this artist brings you into her world of imagination. A Joan Mitchell inspired large original by this international artist dramatic and filled with heart, has the deepest of blue along with many other tones and shades. Quick relaxed and free spirited strokes using her hand at times and a small sponge Darlene invites you right into her world of colour and her love of expression. Emotionally and spontaneously created with her intuition and love of painting.  Enjoy the journey with this artist as she welcomes you into her world...An incredible large original work of art to add bold colour to any room. Be bold! Be daring! Hang this piece on its own special wall.

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