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The Big Picture, acrylic, 81"x 60"
  • The Big Picture, acrylic, 81"x 60"

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    With Darlene Watson's "The Big Picture" the artist's informal, spontaneous gestural and thoughtfully placed brush strokes show her energy as an abstract painter. 
    Imagination by Darlene creates a real statement piece in any given space. Large gestural, Mitchell inspired layers of vibrant greens, yellows, purples and more. 

    "The Big Picture" inspired by thoughts of "The Grand Scheme Of Things" 
    Looking up....... for the big picture. The entire perspective on a situation or issue--- used with "The" 
    first known use of "The Big Picture" 1904 Webster 

    Details can be important but a step back to see the big picture keeps you understanding where you're headed and clarity of goals. 

    Details lines and squiggles added with Willow charcoal.

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