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Summer's In Cali, Acrylic on Canvas, 60"x 76"
  • Summer's In Cali, Acrylic on Canvas, 60"x 76"

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    "Summers In Cali"


    Gestural, spontaneous, colourful, bold Joan Mitchell-inspired capture of life in California. Hues pulled from the shore and sky, beach areas and the vibrant colours of vineyards, sunsets, fashion, zinnias and coneflowers.
    The Golden State is filled with hues.
    Vibrant, bold, spontaneous, expressive, energetic, passionate, imagined, emotional creation, unique, one of a kind, genuine, gestural, happy, joyful, luminous, a treasure, superb, breathtaking, elegant, stunning, unforgettable, alluring, magical, luscious, vivid, chic, explosive, stunning, pure joy, luxe, elegant, delightfully decadent, exquisite, luminous and dazzling.

    Emotionally charged large expressive original imagined and created by Darlene with her signature brush strokes and bold colour. Kandinsky, Mitchell, Gorky, Kline and Monet influence her style but she always makes it her own unique, joy-filled, eye-catching, stunning focal point in any space.

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