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STILLNESS, Acrylic on Canvas, 60"x 89"
  • STILLNESS, Acrylic on Canvas, 60"x 89"

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    This original: ship rolled in a tube
    My signature: is on the back, front and the Certificate Of Authenticity
    Medium: Acrylic on canvas
    Frame: unframed but could be done by the collector
    Framing: not necessary as gallery canvas depth of 2" is available once stretched with art falling over all four edges.
    October stills to prepare for sleep
    Edges of the water lay still
    Stillness of pebbles
    Silence of trees
    My eye catches gold on the tips of crimson
    Stillness between moments
    Beauty of thought
    Stillness between waves
    Pause of hummingbirds
    Rich Autumn-time and stillness surround
    Heartbeats evenly between moments
    Dreams created in the stillness between moments

    Darlene Watson works with a majority of large-scale abstraction pieces with spontaneous gestural brushstrokes of complete abandon. She is uninhibited and expresses her inner thoughts, feelings, surroundings or story to the art. Rich earthy hues may appear from nature trails.

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