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Steps Taken, 81"x14"
  • Steps Taken, 81"x14"

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    Recently I had a friend approach me and say that they never noticed how much colour there is in the sky until they had heard me talk about it and take photos. I think you can see colour everywhere if you just stop long enough to look.
    Winter is here now at the beach and the sky can take on another new look. A rather monochromatic look I feel and I tried to capture it with my recent seascape type horizontal abstract using a limited palette of grey, white and a small dab of rich bronze. Moody, moving, tranquil and serene. The sky has so many tones even with the sun not shining and the sky filled with grey. I tried to capture that mood with my abstract shoreline painting. I hope you enjoy it. Once it is completely dried I will, of course, be signing up the lower right side of the canvas, naming and signing with the date on the back. I take as many steps as I can every day along the shore breathing in the colours even when it looks like there aren't any. 

    • Shipping

      All of my paintings are packaged professionally with tracking information and if rolled a two tube system to ensure a safe arrival. I take great care in making sure that my babies are safe and arrive at their new homes without any harm. Commissions are always considered and I do sign all of my or at least the majority of my works up the lower right corner along with on the back with the date and title. If you have any questions about anything to do with my art please feel free to email me and I will get back to you asap. 

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