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SPRING IN NOTTING HILL, Acrylic on canvas 23"x 60"
  • SPRING IN NOTTING HILL, Acrylic on canvas 23"x 60"

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    Narrow abstract with deep shades and tints of green. Counterbalanced with deep purple brushstrokes gesturally applied by the artist in her home studio near the lake in Southampton. She continues to explore unlikely and complementary hues.

    A Canadian self-taught artist that leaves her imagination on the surface.

    Each original has its own story and each is a one-of-a-kind piece of art for any given space.

    Broad or narrow brushstrokes or working with her hands you can experience her love of creating a story.


    “Abstraction in a painting is the emotional creative thoughts, ideas and hues positioned to initiate conversation and invite you to the artist’s heart” 
    Not all stories are written with words...
    Sometimes it is with shape, colours and lines.

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