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Montauk, acrylic on canvas, 80"x 47"
  • Montauk, acrylic on canvas, 80"x 47"

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    Edgy, earthy and bursting 
    With natures shades

       Warm as nature 

       Inviting as in a worn cashmere sweater

       Snuggle up gazing at the flickering fire

       Marshmallows a golden delicious brown
       Snuggle up

       Can you drink in the warmth
       Can you feel the calm

       Are you hypnotized by the dancers
       In their gold

      Has it bewitched you and held you captive
      Has it mesmerized your very soul
      Has it covered you in protective warmth
    Harmonious, edgy, earthy and bursting
    With natures shades



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