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Modern Miami, Acrylic, 81"x 56"
  • Modern Miami, Acrylic, 81"x 56"

    Excluding Sales Tax

    "Modern Miami" 


    Inspired by Darlene's love of Mitchell and loose, gestural brushstroke layers on this large canvas. Ribbons of colour cascade down this original with signature dripping paint. Darlene loves to bring vibrance and boldness to her art. 
    What a focal point for any given space with this non-objective abstraction of colour. 

    Who said pink and red can't have fun together.
    The bold bold, vibrancy can hang vertically or horizontally like many of the originals by Darlene.

    Darlene Watson is a contemporary artist that speaks with colour, shape and lines. She has a great love for Monet, Klimt, Kline, Kandinsky and Mitchell which reflects in her paintings. This artist's informal, spontaneous gestural and thoughtfully placed brush strokes show her energy as an abstract painter. 

    Darlene's works can be found worldwide in private and corporate spaces.

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