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I've Fallen For You, Acrylic, 30"x 40"
  • I've Fallen For You, Acrylic, 30"x 40"

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    When Darlene started this series she had love in mind. 

    The love of moments. 
    The love of friends. 
    The love of quiet. 
    The love of family. 
    The love of gratitude.
    The love of nature. 
    Of course the love of that certain someone special.
    When it is about love it can be regarding so many things. 
    The love of finding your passion. 
    The love of helping others.

    "I've Fallen For You" is the second Joan Mitchell inspired non-objective abstract in the series. 

    The love of painting. The love of putting your thoughts on canvas for all to see. 

    Have you fallen for me?

    A photo is included to show how the first three in the series may appear in a setting with the same framing.

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