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I Saw Fall Starting, Acrylic, oil pastel, marker, 80"x 62"
  • I Saw Fall Starting, Acrylic, oil pastel, marker, 80"x 62"

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    "I Saw Fall Starting" Darlene was inspired when on her early walk along the trails mid August where she noticed the leaves had changed colour on the very top of a few trees. 
    Right at the very top as if stretching to reach a cloud.
    This artist is constantly inspired by the world around her and also her favourite master painters. 
    She captures the hues of a natural setting along with the shapes of clouds, rocks along the shoreline and even patinas formed on old cement walkways. 
    This original was all about her love of Fall as her favourite season and the warm, yellows, golds, greens and bronze-red leaves as they show off before falling along the trails. 

    Oil pastel and marker lines and graffiti-style marks have been added to this large original that can hang in a given space vertically or horizontally.

    • Shipping, information on installation

      This large original would be shipped rolled. As in all or majority of the originals it is signed on the front and back of the canvas. Name, year and signature are on the back. Shipped with tracking number and certificate of authenticity included. 

      This original by Darlene Watson can hang vertically or horizontally in a space. It is shown how it might appear stretched with a simple floating frame. 

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