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I'd Move Heaven And Earth For You, acrylic, 48"x 80"
  • I'd Move Heaven And Earth For You, acrylic, 48"x 80"

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    With this original "I'd Move Heaven And Earth For You" Darlene has again shown her love of shapes, use of charcoal lines along with pen and marker in this graffiti style extra large original. The earth tones are rich and bring a true warmth to any space. Bold, unlikely hues side by side and overlapping in lines and doodles. Illegible script throughout with pen and marker bringing you into the heart of the creative mind.Imagination is what Darlene work's with along with a given thought and in this case, it is that deep love we have to give to those we love and for the love of ourselves. After all, if we don't love ourselves how can we ever love others.Letters with polka dots, doodles, lines in charcoal and ink and many goodies in this large abstract that not only can hand vertically but horizontally as well if any given space requires that orientation.

    Welcome to the world of imagination and this abstract artist.Darlene is an artist that is inspired by natural surroundings.

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