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Goldie, acrylic and 18 karat gold leaf, 25"x 51"
  • Goldie, acrylic and 18 karat gold leaf, 25"x 51"

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    Splashes of seemingly random 18K gold leaf bring a spontaneous element of glam to this gestural acrylic abstract original by Darlene. Layers of warm hues and Autumn colours, propel you into her world of imagination where it is obvious that nature brings her joy. Her passion for the outdoors, natural surroundings and of course inspiration from Mitchell and other artists is evident in this abstract. 
    Now, is the time for falling leaves and a rest for the upcoming Winter months. 
    Darlene has a real love of the trails that she walks and the shoreline that she sees almost every day and the majority of her abstracts are inspired by just that. She hopes to bring great joy along with surprise and conversation with all of her originals, the graffiti style or the gestural non-objective abstracts. 
    This artist is sassy, bold and filled with passion that you can witness in her original pieces and her vivid imagination.
    Luxurious, glamourous, modern and the epitome of elegance.

    • Shipping

      This original gestural painting would be packaged professionally after all of the marks and genuine gold leaf are set with archival satin finish. It would be rolled to ship with tracking information along with a certificate of authenticity. 

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