Forget Me? Not, 60"x 20"


"Forget Me? Not" Darlene creates this Monet inspired original artwork with emotional, gestural, passionate, seemingly carefree brush movements. There is a sensitive gentle feeling to the petals she has imagined and placed in this minimally coloured painting. Soft delicate under painting which she completed with her bare hands and the placement of the petals is very reminiscent of Watsons style in art. She draws from her love of Monet and also paints from her heart which has a great love of the outdoors and flowers. 
This is truly a statement piece and a wonderful blending of a minimal colour palette. This along with the majority of her works is signed up the right lower side and has the date, name and signature on the back. 
A splash of colour! Just try to Forget Me!

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature" 
Gerard De Nervel
How fitting as Darlene paints with her soul.

Gerard De Nervel
Born in Paris France May 22, 1808


144 Breadalbane Street South

Southampton, Ontario  Canada

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