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Connect The Dots, acrylic, pastel on canvas, 43"x 81"
  • Connect The Dots, acrylic, pastel on canvas, 43"x 81"

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    "Connect The Dots" Emotionally charged large gestural, expressive original imagined and created by Darlene with her signature shapes, colour and line. Kandinsky, Mitchell and Gorky influence her style but she always makes it her own unique, joy-filled, eye-catching, stunning focal point to any space. A magnificent line up of colours bouncing off and enhancing each other across this large canvas. Her style has been quoted as being irresistible as you feel you have entered the artist's world through her imagination. Bold works created by an artist that has strong, vivid and clear ideas of what she wishes to share in her originals. A dazzling display of this international artist's imagination. Colourful, vibrant, imaginative, mesmerizing and stunning use of shapes, lines and marks with charcoal, acrylic paint, oil pastel and markers. Darlene's paintings stir your emotions and rouse your senses.

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