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Black Linen, 81"x62"
  • Black Linen, 81"x62"

    Excluding Sales Tax

    Inspired by the elegance of the classic little black dress and employing gestural non-objective strokes reminiscent of Joan Mitchell's style.

    Titled "Black Linen," this artwork embraces minimalism by utilizing two recognized non-colors: Black and White, with a subtle touch of gold. A delicate gold necklace is the only accessory needed. White, being the sum of all colors, is not strictly defined as a color, while black, as the absence of light and color, is also not categorized as a color. The piece exudes a sense of mystery and boldness, with the deepest black framing a section of the canvas. It seamlessly blends whites, blacks, greys, and taupes, with a hint of gold atop a soft pink underpainting.

    Measuring 81"x 62"x 2" in its original extra-large form, once professionally stretched for its new home, this canvas is a striking fusion of monochromatic minimalism. For shipping convenience, the artwork will be rolled and packed in a two-tube system, complete with tracking information. A bold statement piece, this artwork adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

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