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Black Linen, 81"x62"
  • Black Linen, 81"x62"

    Excluding Sales Tax

    Inspired by that perfect little black dress and gestural non-objective expressive strokes with Joan Mitchell style in mind. 

    “Black Linen”  Minimal in colour using two known as non colours. Black and White. Of course there is a kiss of gold. You only need a delicate gold necklace after all. White is not defined as a colour because it is the sum of all possible colours. Black is not defined as a colour because it is the absence of light, and therefore colour. Mysterious and bold with the deepest black framing part of the canvas this abstract is a continuous blending of whites, black, grey and taupe and a hint of gold on a soft soft pink underpainting. The large extra large original measures 81"x 62"x 2" once it is professionally stretched for its new home. This canvas would be rolled to ship in a two tube system with tracking information. A bold monochromatic minimal palette and a statement piece in any space. 

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