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Weekender Art Bags

who said anythig about red.jpeg

michael Grey Sandals

Collaboration with Michael in the marriage of my imagination in art and his incredible skill with leather and creating custom Birkenstock sandals. I am super thrilled to be part of this collab and want to share with you that Michael has been featured with Oprah's O List this Summer 2021. 

In the past 12 years, Michael Grey has worked as a Designer in the fashion industry for Roberto Cavalli, Vince Camuto, Bass, Levis and Steve Madden to name a few. 

So, you can see why I could be over the moon with this collab of creatives. 

Click the link to check out his attention to detail. 

Let me introduce 

"Who Said Anything About Red"

"Smiling On The Job" 

Beach Vacation

beach art towels

A large towel with the artist's imagination. Large enough for the beach or hot tub, pool. Living in a beach town I find this to be a must-have. 

Woman with Warm Blanket

Fleece art blankets

That snuggly blanket that you can cuddle up with on the beach in the evening or watching Netflix or Prime in the dead of winter. Wrap yourself in shapes and colours that I imagined and created.

Toddler Doing Yoga

Yoga art mats

Yoga is incredibly good for you. It helps you relax, stretch, strengthen and regroup. I find that I really enjoy having my own art yoga mat as it is so personal to me. Maybe you can find a mat that you love and that helps to encourage yoga in your daily routine. 

A Cup of Coffee

Coffee art mugs

I love that first cup of coffee so much that it is sometimes an event. Finding the perfect coffee shop or just that favourite spot in your home or yard. It is just nice to take that little bit of time to savour the peace and quiet before you dig into your day.

Overhead Shot Looking Down On Woman Writ

greeting art cards

The art of sending a personal handwritten card. Getting away from texts for a moment and sharing great news or just to say hi to someone you care about. Possibly you like an image and just feel like framing it. These are all great ideas for an art card. You can also add a poem or quote right into the card when placing your order. Whether you choose a vertical or horizontal orientation you are sending my art to a friend. 

Notebook and Pen

Art Notebook

This 6"x 8" journal has 120 pages lined on both sides. My artwork is on the cover which is thick paper stock. I use mine to jot down art ideas I have for studies and future paintings. Sometimes I dab paint samples in with groupings to imagine future palettes. 

Pillow Fight

Art Throw Pillows

Throw it! Cuddle it! Share it!

It doesn't matter what you do with it but you will be bringing colour and shape into your home. A little something I imagined.

pink peony plus two others .jpeg

Canvas art prints

Depending on the space and area you desire to add a splash of shape and colour, you can choose from a variety of sizes in several of the original art pieces. Canvas prints or a fine art print with your choice of matte and frame. 

White Room

Art Murals

Are you looking at large empty walls or hallways?

A breathtaking statement piece from floor to ceiling would be cool to give you an extra-large piece of art.

Fill it with colour and design in crisp, vibrant colours, lines and shapes created from original art. This stunning wall decor created from the art of this abstract artist lets you create an amazing permanent or temporary space.

Available in two floor-to-ceiling sizes.

front porch.jpg

Art Rugs

This summer I bought one of my rugs for my front porch area and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out. It is my morning coffee area and of course, my little Luna loves to watch for chipmunks at the same time. I think and have always thought that it is important to have areas in your home that you can really truly chill, relax and be surrounded by what you love. 

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