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Well, If That's What They Say, 12"x24"
  • Well, If That's What They Say, 12"x24"

    Excluding Sales Tax

    Deep blues with greens and yellow and several other hues. Shapes and marks in various sized squares and circles falling along the areas of the canvas. To give a feel of ideas bouncing off and heading in different directions. A true non-figurative contemporary grouping of shapes. Just an imaginary intuitive acrylic painting on 12"x 24" canvas. 

    • Shipping Information

      Because of my location I prefer, unless the art is extremely small in size, to roll and ship my pieces in a two tube system with professional packaging and tracking information. If you ever feel you would love to commission for instance a large piece and have ready to hang contact me and the shipping cost can be worked out. I just have felt over my career that the safest way is to roll and ship the canvas and paper in tubes. As with two of them inside each other it would be next to impossible for any damage to occur. 

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