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Wave Series "Beguile", 40"x38"
  • Wave Series "Beguile", 40"x38"

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    Beguile is the fourth in the Wave Series and measures the same as the others at 40"x 38"x 2". I paint all of my works right over the sides and the depth of the canvas. This piece would be rolled to ship with professional packaging and a double tube system. I am forever inspired by my surroundings and this series of 5 was due to the natural setting I am blessed to be living in. 


    Shapes of pebbles along the shoreline with the sunset colours and storms coming in showing cloud shapes. The rainbows and colours twinkling off the water. The colours or sunshine bouncing around in the waves trying to be seen. The glass that has traveled a long way with the water just to lie still and gather the light along the shore. Colours everywhere for those that want to look closely enough. Nothing is a perfect circle or square. Nature does natural shapes without measurements sometimes. When the stones and glass wash up they have been tumbled over and over to create their perfect appearance. I hope you enjoy my series when they are all completed. Tracking information is always provided and my greatest wish is that you love my paintings and will love them in your homes. I get great joy in creating each and everyone of them and I hope to be passing that joy along to you. I have also added a photo (display) only and not exact sizes, of the five in a gallery setting. In that photo left to right Allure  Enrapture  Enchant  Beguile and Bewitch.

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