• Volunteer It's Good For The Soul and Can You Hear The Whispering In The Trees


    Two commission pieces created on  40"x 60" canvas. Silver leaf and acrylics and ink with drips and shapes, lines in non-objective abstacts. Collectors volunteer and have a wonderful tree filled yard. With each of these pieces the personalities of the clients were taken into consideration. I have a background in Design so when I create commission works I meet with the collectors in person or by email to get all the information I can so that we together can create something original, unique and wonderful for their space. I love to use genuine leaf of silver, copper or gold and with this one the silver leaf just seemed right. Contact me via email for any commisson inquiries. darlenewatsonartist@gmail.com. 




      No shipping charges for these two commissions as the collectors picked them up personally. Otherwise these sizes would have been rolled to ship.