Triptych Luminous Rose 1-3, 18"x24" each
  • Triptych Luminous Rose 1-3, 18"x24" each


    Each of these colourful, vibrant abstracts measures 18"x 24" x 1" Shapes lines marks and acrylics with a klimt feeling and luminous hues. Magentas and pinks with lime greens and yellows with splashes of orange. Bringing sunshine right into your home to warm you like the fireplace is on. I have shown it with the paintings horizontal and to my total thrill and amazement you can turn these paintings any way that you choose. Vertically or each turned to have the hot pink run continuously along the top or the bottom. Whatever you think you might like best. How darn fun is that. It would be like you have a new Triptych set with each turn. I have selected only one way here to hang them to show you. You could set them in a floating frame or white but all sides are painted so it is not necessary to frame at all. I have allowed for a 1" deep x 18"x 24" when they are restretched on location. 

    • Shipping Information

      All three paintings would be shipped rolled in a two tube system to ensure safe arrival and I can only imagine how sweet that would be side by side with the same framing. Imagine how they would pop with a thin white floating frame. Sides are of course painted as I always continue my painting over each side so there is not a need to frame. It is just to produce a different look and they become that much bigger when they are set in a frame.