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That Golden Moment, 41"x38"
  • That Golden Moment, 41"x38"

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    Years after a hurt you see someone and you think "yes" there is a possibility to open my heart. The wounds are healed. Life much to short to ever think otherwise. This canvas is filled with heart and shapes with vibrant colours. Extra large in size and painted to the edges so that when stretched all the sides are a continuation of the ideas. Finished size 41"x 38"x 1.5" Marker and acrylics on canvas with gold, greens yellow pink and blues on a soft underpainting. Have an expert stretch your original works on wood upon arrival and it can be wired and hung easily as is. There is no need to frame unless you desire. All of my originals are painted so that when stretched the painting carries over on all four sides. I love to add little details in that area so when the canvas is looked at from the side or bottom there is a surprise. This canvas would be rolled and shipped in my two tube system by Canada Post here in Southampton.

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      If by chance some of my photos show a rippling don't be alarmed as this will all disappear once the painting is stretched.

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