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Sunshine, 34"x71"
  • Sunshine, 34"x71"

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    There is a soft glow from the sun and a lot of time's we just know it's there and you don't really think much about it. Just watching pet's and how they move around the house to lie in the sunshine. My little Yorkie did that one morning when I thought about this painting and that is how the background ended up being layers and layers of different tints of yellow. Gardens absolutely love the sunshine also and wouldn't amount to much without it. I have been working really hard in my garden as it is a new area to me and it hasn't had really anything done to it in at least 10 years so I have been adding Hydrangeas and other plants. I don't have a green thumb but this full floral abstract is what I dream for in my garden. Magical full blooms. This piece is un-stretched to be rolled to ship and I always continue the painting over the sides. It could hold 1.5" deep stretcher I believe once it is stretched. I love the sunshine and my thoughts on this piece were "Why not have sunshine all year long." Shown for display purposes in a space. Not exact size and frame not included. Rolled and shipped in tube for safe arrival at her new home.


      Large unstretched canvas with layers of paints dripping and swirling into imaginary floral shapes. Canvas measuring 34"x 71" allowing plenty of room for stretching on location. For those of you that just love yellow and can't get enough of something that really does shine "Happy" this is just what you are looking for. A focal in any space. Vibrant and filled with sunshine. Thus the name. ;-)


      FREE SHIPPING for Canada and depending on size and if shipping internationally through my website. All art works are professionally packaged and shipped with tracking number. Extra care given with paper pieces and canvas rolled and shipped in double tube system. 

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