Sun-Kissed Fields Commission


Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to ride back into the fields at Hi-Berry Farms with the owner, Nora and her grandson. Nora was already a collector of mine but felt she would like me to create something that I was inspired to do while seeing there vast fields where they have the most delicious produce. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have that food to table so close to my home. 

We were able to see the men working in the fields and I couldn't help but think what a wonderful job they were doing. 

I grew up in the country on a farm but funny story when I was first married and got an idea of a garden in my yard, not too far in my neighbour leaned over the fence and said 'You are pulling your carrots out" I thought they were weeds.

I have a great admiration for people that can produce food and when it looks as fabulous as the produce on Hi-berry Farm.


The farm located on hyw 21 on the way into Port Elgin from Southampton is conveniently on the bike trail so that is uber cool to throw the produce on your bike and keep going. I stopped this year to have some peas from the pod on the bike road home.

When we were in the fields I had the chance to eat warm strawberries right off the vine and I turned to Nora and said "What do you think about stripes in an abstract?" 

So the image and ideas of the commission were beginning to form. The greens and the sunshine, rows, some red for the hint of strawberries and a soft corn tassel hue with a bit of gold leaf.


The original measures 36"x 60"x1.5" which is what Nora told me would fit in the space they were thinking of hanging "Sun-Kissed Fields"

The title of the piece was so easy and came to me the minute I added the first underpainting layer as that is how things grow and that day the fields were bouncing with rays of sunshine off of the green leaves. The rows are incredibly straight but of course being an abstract artist I had my own spin on that. 

The staff and the field workers are so meticulous with arranging the produce in the shop and so friendly that it is really a lot of fun to pick up the berries, new potatoes and strawberries on the way to the front of the line.

This year as always the sweet corn was incredible!

Thanks Nora so much, it was a total pleasure to create something that reminds you of your love of farming and the fields. I could easily tell when we drove back that you are in total love of what you do as it shows in your face and how you describe the growing process. 


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