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Rock on baby, rock on, wearable art
  • Rock on baby, rock on, wearable art

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    "Rock On Baby Rock On


    It was only a matter of time with an artist that is along the trails or shoreline as much as this one is.

    European stonewashed and printed Southampton stones and rocks (wink insert) soft linen, inspired by the heart-shaped rocks and all the other shaped rocks that can be found if you look really closely. 


    Mixed retro and vintage buttons on soft cosy 100% linen in O/S with long sleeves to protect from the sun or air conditioning. This flowy linen can be a soft comfortable shirt or worn as a lightweight jacket. 


    Don't lie on the beach though.... you might go missing. ...


    Linen from Europe and sewn here locally in South. Thank you, Trudy.


    Wear this artists imagination

    Wear 100% stonewashed linen inspired by heart rocks, pebbles and other shapes along the shoreline.


    Wearable Art

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