Never Silence In The Trees, 18"x24"
  • Never Silence In The Trees, 18"x24"


    Frequently I am on the trails or in the forest surrounded by trees and I  can't help but think at first that it is incredibly quiet without a sound at all. But, when you listen and rest in one area for moments you can pick up the sounds of possibly squirrels leaping to a better branch or the wind gently lifting the leaves and guiding them to a soft area below. There are the sounds of birds deciding if they might visit, have a rest or fly off in a new area altogether while some seem to be playing tag in the air. The trees bend and sway back and forth making noise as they rub against the next one. Branches crack and some break free further away but you can still hear them as they fall. Rain bounches off leaves that are eager to catch any droplets.

    The trees are actually quite noisy if you stop and are quiet enough and really listen.

    I sometimes think they seem to speak.

    This gestural acrylic abstract was intuitively created with swift brush strokes and black pen and graphite lines and marks. This original canvas measures 18"x 24"x 2" once it is stretched. My signature is up the lower right hand side and this piece is signed, dated and named on the back.

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