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Meditation a Diptych set, 38"x16"each
  • Meditation a Diptych set, 38"x16"each

    Excluding Sales Tax


    A Diptych set

    with acrylic, marker and pen on canvas . Size of each canvas once it is stretched.

    38”x 16” x 2”

    There is no place better than trails and long walks to get thoughts organized and to be in a state of peace. At least it is like that for me. Some of my best ideas come from what I refer to as walking meditation whether along a shoreline or on trails. I tried to capture abstractly the wonderful Fall colours and of course several shadows and shapes. I have added script here and there as they could be some of the notes or ideas you store until you get home again. Reach out to a natural setting as they are so many gifts  there. Each of the set rolled to ship to ensure safe arrival at their new home. Professional packaging with tracking information always used and shipped by Canada Post. 

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