Jingle Jangle My Gold Bangle


Gold deep blue and many other hues with a suggestion of circles and shapes. Hot pink against gold is always a winning combination as it just makes the yellow in the gold sing. This abstract non-objective painting is reminiscent of those wonderful gold bangles that were always too large for my skinny wrists. I still remember trying on some of my grannies only to move my arm and have them slide right off the end across the room. I had so much fun and joy creating this 37"x 24"x 2" canvas and I just seemed to be transported back to being a teen. I hope it brings some joy and a smile. 

This painting due to size will be rolled to ship and packaged safely in a double tube system to make sure it arrives undamaged to it's new home. I will send a tracking number and it will be shipped by Canada Post here in South. 

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