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Je Tombe Amoureux De Toi, 80"x20"
  • Je Tombe Amoureux De Toi, 80"x20"

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    'm falling for you. The words so dear that you love to hear. Abstract Artist Darlene Watson imagined this piece and brushed several soft layers on the under painting to allow the shapes to pop on the surface. Created spontaneously and intuitively she drags the brush in areas and creates lines with marker in others. An added detail of glam on this piece with her placement of genuine gold leaf just seems to make it more and more romantic. Deep blue with greens and hot pink, magenta and several tones of lighter blue and white dance across this horizontally orientated canvas which also can hang vertically. I love the way some of Darlenes abstracts allow (with the placement) of her signature, to hang them vertically or horizontally depending on your space. With her background in Interior Design you can see that she really enjoys offering this to her collectors. 80"x 20"x 2" 

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