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Ice 1, 20" x 20"
  • Ice 1, 20" x 20"

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    ""Ice" a gestural layering of cool hues, deep blues, soft glazing, coffee grounds and graphite marks. You can feel the coolness of an ice storm with the layers and underpainting. The first in a cool series by this abstract artist as Watson brings you into her world of imagination. Pops of blue, lavender, pinks and grey with washes of white allow us to feel the coolness almost as if we touched the surface of ice. "If you are skating on thin ice you might as well dance."

    Anita Shreve


    .Watson's soft ice-like hues gesturally and spontaneously dance across the canvas


    This is a cool bold smaller gallery canvas the will certainly be noticed in a space

    This original is shown larger in a space to show the details. 

    • Shipping

      All originals shipped with the most possible care. Packaging in two tubes to ensure safe arrival at their new home. 

    • Original Art Size

      This gallery canvas measures 20"x 20"x 1.5" and is painted over and off all side. It could be framed but there is no need as it can with professional stretching be hung as is. All of the abstracts by Watson are signed up the lower left of right side and named, signed and dated on the back. 

      This Ice original the first in the series has many layers along with coffee grounds and graphite with the acrylic. 


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