The largest in this section of smaller originals. !2"x 12" abstact non-objective with graphite fine lines acrylics on canvas. Ready to hang with dripping paints, yellows, bright sunkissed greens and pops of magenta. Shapes and lines intuitively created on a smaller canvas. Oil pastel mark in black snuggled against the leaf green shape. 

I Quite Liked Him

  • Free shipping with this modern square foot abstract acrylic painting. Professionally packaged to ensure safe arrival in its new space. 

  • Shipped ready to hang with a thin layer of varnish to protect the piece. Canvas is not deep and could easily be placed in a floating frame. Signed on the front of the canvas and signature date and name on the back. 

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Darlene Watson

144 Breadalbane Street, South, Southampton, Ontario, Canada


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