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Home In My Favourite Bluejeans, 18"x 24"
  • Home In My Favourite Bluejeans, 18"x 24"

    Excluding Sales Tax

    "Home In My Favourite Bluejeans"


    Darlene Watson starts first with an idea, an emotional connection forms between her and the work.

    She considers her process and it becomes spontaneous, gestural, powerful and rhythmic. A process of seemingly random brushstrokes of hand movement where she mixes energy, heart and impulsiveness. 

    Her works are colour filled, emotional and spontaneous where she admits she becomes one with her art.

    Inspiration for Darlene comes from many different sources but with one very constant, the inspiration from deep in her heart and the desire and need to show and share her thoughts and ideas.


    Her completed works radiate spectacular blending of colour and shape with a great deal of energy that is transferred to the viewer or collector. 


    It’s as if her heartbeat is on each surface. 

    • Shipping

      The greatest care is given to all originals shipped to new and existing collectors. Rolled in a tube system to arrive safely at their new home. Tracking information is always provided. 

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