Flourishing, 10"x 10"
  • Flourishing, 10"x 10"


    Small 10"x 10" non-objective abstract with thick impasto oils. Oil shapes over edges like icing and this 1" deep mini canvas has delicious layers of paints. This painting was also selected at Saatchi Art in a larger canvas print if that is needed in a space. Many of my works can hang together to make a wondrous wall of abstractionism. Deep rich stunning highest quality oil paints have been used for this original smaller piece. 


      Selected to be available larger as a canvas print on Saatchi Art. Original also available on site or my web site. Contact me with inquiries of purchase of two or more pieces as cost would be altered for that. Framed similar many can hang beautifully together whether they are oil, acrylic paper or canvas. Extra photo to show how two of the Saatchi Art canvas prints could hang together with "Flourishing" and "Spirited" Contact me through my website with any inquiries or if you are just not sure which paintings might hang nicely together. I love any opportunity to design.