European Stonewashed Linen Art Shirt "Love Of Family"
  • European Stonewashed Linen Art Shirt "Love Of Family"


    Love of family, part of the inspiration for this Original Art Shirt in European stonewashed white linen. Completed with a variety of  retro vintage buttons down the front and on the cuffs. There is a small dainty collar and the art shirt is much like a shirt dress but incredibly roomy and longer. It is about an inch and a half longer at the back and the sleeves are quite long and meant to land in the centre of the hand. This original piece of wearable art is one of a kind and can be easily worn as a dress, a light jacket or a layering linen. 

    The size would run as approximately 44 european sizing and is one size at this time. 


    I hope you love to wear  her original art and each art shirt comes with a tiny genuine sterling silver heart on the right cuff because sometimes you wear a heart on your sleeve.


    Her signature graffiti style and love of Kandinsky and Klimt will be evident. The artist has a love of colour and most may be vibrant but some may also be earth tones which is also a love. 

    The artist might toy with the idea of commission originals as she does that very often with her abstract art. 

    • Linen Care Instructions

      The linen care is much the same as with her linen scarves but since each art shirt is an original painted piece of art I suggest hand washing with the shirt inside out.