Celebration 1, acrylic, 20"x 60"
  • Celebration 1, acrylic, 20"x 60"



    The celebration of polka dots and shape. Inspired by Yayoi Kusama and the artist's own personal love of dots. She works with many shapes and her circular shapes are often reminiscent of the pebbles on the beach but with this series, she has more perfect polka dots and of course vivid vivid hues. People that know this artist well know her love of shapes, lines and colours and especially polka dots. 

    Darlene has decided to only sign on the back with the name and date so that this original can be turned in four different orientations to suit any given space. With its vibrant hot pinks, yellow and orange it is sure to be a bold statement piece that will show and share the joy and love that is put into all of her works. 

    This original is for those collectors that love a bit of bold and whimsy (as she has added squiggles with white pen) in various spots on the canvas. There is always that hint of surprise and unexpected fun when you look closely at her paintings.

    • Shipping

      Due to the layers and thickness of the acrylic dots and shapes this painting would be shipped in a box with tracking information and certificate of authenticity. I am going to sign on the back with the year and name unless asked to sign on the front as this original can be hung in four different orientations. I have shown it in a simple gold floating frame as an idea of how it could be hung. I am not putting wire on the painting as it can be decided when it reaches a new home as to how it will hang. Vertically or horizontally.