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Broken Sandcastles, 30"x30"
  • Broken Sandcastles, 30"x30"

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    Beach colours in shapes and lines with this abstract expressionistic painting.

    You are an 11-year-old boy that sees his world as magical without any blemishes. Everything around you is filled with love and excitement. Then your parents say they are not going to be together any longer. You walk around like you are in a trace and your world shatters before your eyes. "Broken Sandcastles" A big wave has come in and torn everything apart.


      Larger square 30"x 30" acrylic non-objective expressionistic abstract on canvas. 


      FREE SHIPPING for Canada and depending on size and if shipping internationally through my website. All art works are professionally packaged and shipped with tracking number. Extra care given with paper pieces and canvas rolled and shipped in double tube system. 

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