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Wiggle My Toes In The Cool Sand, 6"x 6"

Wiggle My Toes In The Cool Sand, 6"x 6"

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Six inch acrylic on paper. Walks along the beach to clear the thoughts in my mind with the sound of the waves. Colorful glass pieces and patterned stones take my thoughts elsewhere. Time to reflect and realize how truly blessed I am.


    Marks, ink, acrylics on heavy paper 6"x 6" to create a miniature original. This is part of the "Beachcombing Series" of miniatures. Spontaneous abstract expressionism. Imagined created intuitively. Size fits well in ready made frame or custom with larger matte. 


    FREE SHIPPING for these miniature paper pieces. Shipped flat with professional wrapping along with tracking number. Price considerations with more than one purchased together as in a Triptych or Diptych display in a space. 

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