Before We Begin, 24"x30"

Before We Begin, 24"x30"


She thought there is always a chance that it won't work out. These things danced in her mind for several days but Becky decided that it is better to just jump in and go for it. Thoughts before she began. This non-objective abstract on 24"x 30" canvas with layers of acrylics in swirls, marks lines and washes with dripping paints. Sometimes we go round and round making decisions and sometimes we just go for it.


    Non-objective abstract with acrylics, lines, washes of paint and shapes on canvas. Graphite, pen, marker, and inks with dripping paints were used to create this intuitive expressionistic abstract. Soft hues along with primary colours and bright greenish gold yellow that pops from the canvas. Rolled to ship piece to ensure safe arrival at its new home.


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