European Stonewashed Linen Art Shirt
  • European Stonewashed Linen Art Shirt


    The very first Art Shirt is nearing completion and is the artist's very own linen shirt. The originals are 100% European stonewashed linen with retro and vintage buttons, all unique on the front and cuffs. There is a small collar and a tiny sterling silver heart on the right cuff area because sometimes you wear your heart on your sleeve. The art shirt is much like an oversized shirt dress or if it was longer could be a duster as it can be worn as a jacket also.

    Each of the pieces will be completely one of a kind original art works using washable acrylics, marker and pen possibly or whatever the artist decides is needed on each one. 

    Her signature graffiti style and love of Kandinsky and Klimt will be evident. The artist has a love of colour and most may be vibrant but some may also be earth tones which is also a love. 

    The artist might toy with the idea of commission originals as she does that very often with her abstract art. 

    • Linen Care Instructions

      The linen care is much the same as with her linen scarves but since each art shirt is an original painted piece of art I suggest hand washing with the shirt inside out.