A Secret Whispered, 18"x 24"

A Secret Whispered, 18"x 24"


Acrylic paper piece with multiple swirls and lines. Vibrant hues and great imagination. Bold  blues next to happy greens and hot pinks. Non-objective abstract on heavy acrylic paper. Light layer of varnish to protect the piece. A neutral background in this piece with layers of paint along with several details and shapes. Hints of purple.


    An 18"x 24" paper piece creating with acrylics, ink, lines and shapes. All paper pieces are varnished to protect the surface. Colourful with light bright sunlight greens, deep sea blue and hot pink. 


    FREE SHIPPING for Canada and depending on size and if shipping internationally through my website. All art works are professionally packaged and shipped with tracking number. Extra care given with paper pieces and canvas rolled and shipped in double tube system.