What collectors and followers have said


Love this piece of art....i see a woman screaming, that deep primal scream from the depths of her soul. That cleanse. This colors are bold and vivid....they match the passion of the piece. I had a chance to speak with Darlene, I asked her if there was another piece to this art. Surprisingly, there was because this had been part of a collection. I hope I find it, because it will tell the final story of "Just Keeping it Real". She is a superb artist...her colours, choice of medium....it outstanding.

Wonderful experience with the artist and a wonderful piece of art!

Both Primroses and Purple Pottery are wonderful, wonderful pieces. The colours are even more vibrant in real life and lighten up the space. For now they are bringing the season in-doors but I'm also looking forward to having these little shards of summer in the colder months of the year. Darlene was an absolute pleasure to deal with, through the entire transaction.


Love this Artists Glorious Mind, what a great talent.. She is able to take feelings and express them on canvas from true life experience.. Her work is clean and so very moving I adore her work and her journey.

Went to see Darlene in person, what a wonderful time! Darlene was patient and so happy to show me numerous pieces for me to choose from. Love her style and the colour selections are fantastic. Highly recommend her work and A visit in person if you can!

This tremendous gal is a fabulous contemporary abstract artist. We have four of her creations and enjoy seeing them every day. No cutsie pictures here, just strong artwork by a strong woman

Darlene’s Art is bold and imaginative. One can’t help but smile when looking at her pieces and wonder at her creativity. I’m so happy to own my own piece and hope to add more!

Vibrant, soulful, colourful works on paper and canvas by this prolific artist! I love my first original painting from Darlene, and I'm so grateful to have become friends with this fellow artist and kindred spirit.

Over Facebook, I have become a friends and a huge supporter of Darlene Watson’s art. I love how her work has evolved over the past few years as she sells originals all over the world. Her personality is embedded in every piece.

Darlene’s paintings are gorgeous and ethereal with the most beautiful colours. Her abstract images have such depth and are uplifting and striking. I want one in every room!


Fantastic contemporary work!

I was so fortunate to discover Darlene Watson art ....and quickly, proudly became a collector. 3 of her pieces grace the walls of our home.

You are the real deal! Everything you do is with a creative flare.

I love where your imagination goes and your colours are gorgeous!!!


Absolutely Beautiful Darlene is a talented artist!!

 "Wow" and Bravo! All of your art pieces are very special Darlene...You're a remarkable Painter. But, there is something extra special about this one. I am glad you where inspired by De Kooning!...it shows well.